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An occupational therapist assesses the treatment of a patient’s physical and psychiatric conditions to help promote independence in their daily life. Occupational therapist (OT) and director of The OT Service, Kate Sheehan looks at how having the input of an OT can help your business.

When I started to work in the commercial sector over 15 years ago, it was extremely unusual for an occupational therapist (OT) to be working in this area. However it was interesting to see at The OT Show recently that five manufacturers had OTs on their stands, all of whom were playing an integral part in the business’ day to day activity, strategy and marketing.

So what can an OT do for your business? Well, engaging with an OT can improve your product range, bring new ideas to the research and development teams, make your marketing literature more focused, train your staff, help inform delegates at an exhibition and much more.

Let’s look a little closer at a few areas where the input of an OT could help you. An OT can:


– Review the usability of your website from a professional and customer view. How user friendly is your site, how easy is it for me to find the information I need, can I get hold of information in the format I need?

– Provide online OT services to your customers. Do you have a reactive online information system that is knowledgable in your products as well as end users’ needs?

– Review your literature to make it have an impact on your customers. Is your literature in a language I understand? Or my client will understand?


– Review your product portfolio and advise on changes. As an OT, I often say, ‘if only that bit o the product could do this or that it could really meet the need of our clients’.

– Evaluate new products. Some products appear to be an innovative idea but in practice will not work. Let us give the feedback before your research and development teams spend time on developing them further.

– Assist with how to target the influences that will specify your products. OTs communicate effectively with OTs – why not use our skills to explain new products and services.

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– Give your staff the knowledge and confidence to deliver a first class service to your customers. Do you ever ask yourself ‘why do OTs do what they do to get that solution?’ Let us help you understand the OT process and the clinical reasoning behind it.

– Develop OT specific training to deliver to groups of OTs as a marketing tool. Training budgets have been decimated in the austerity cuts, let us help you develop ongoing CPD (continuing professional development) which will enable professionals to keep up to date on clinical issues and equipment provision.

– Support your exhibition stands by providing a knowledgeable OT to assist you with explaining your product. OTs love talking to OTs.

About The OT Service

The OT Service is the leading provider of Occupational Therapy to the commercial sector. We provide high quality advice, consultancy and training to enable your business to reach its potential.

Through our network of highly-experienced occupational therapists we provide commercial consultancy services to manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.

Working with The OT Service gives you access to a wealth of experience and insight. Combined with your own specialist knowledge you’ll have everything you need to develop your products and services, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and demand.

Working with Dartex Coatings

Dartex Coatings ( sponsored a Theatre at The OT Show and needed some support on how to engage occupational therapists in a clinical, relevant and business appropriate way. The OT Service met with their marketing manager to discuss the way forward.

Working closely together we created a presentation on ‘Occupational Performance and Pressure Care, Are We Taking it Seriously?’ This considered where tissue viability and pressure care features within the OT clinical process, discussed the impact of standard equipment provision on skin integrity and challenged OTs to consider more deeply the pressure issues when prescribing standard stock items.

The feedback from the delegates at the show has been exciting and encouraged them to look closer at what equipment they are using as part of the 24 hour pressure management and given the OTs the skills to ask the right questions of equipment providers.

Dartex Coatings’ profile within the OT community has been highlighted and it is now seen as an innovator within the sector and the unique properties of their fabrics have been disseminated to over 3000 OTs nationwide.