We take a minute to get to know one of the leading figures within the independent living sector a little bit better. This issue we caught up with Tim Ross, National Sales Manager for TGA, at this year’s Naidex National.

Tim Ross (2)Name: Time Ross

Job title: National Sales Manager

Company: TGA

What do you enjoy most about your role with TGA?

I suppose the most enjoyable thing is the variety. I’m in a sales role but I also enjoy talking to suppliers, networking with people and understanding the business so there’s quite a lot of depth to the role. I also enjoy talking to the dealers and finding out what they need from us as a scooter supplier.

Why is is important for TGA to come to events such as Naidex in terms of your trade dealings?

It’s been a strange show trade wise because of Trade Days, which has put a slightly different perspective on this. There’s a lot of new people here who perhaps don’t know who we are so it’s the first impression that they’re going to get from us as a company so I think it’s important to have a good stand. It’s also a great chance to talk to dealers about the unique services and products that we offer and get their feedback face to face.

What new products are you showcasing here at Naidex?

We have a new product called the Maximo which is the bigger brother of the Minimo and the Minimo Plus so it’s part of the same family. The idea is that it’s a bigger scooter but it’s still incredibly easy to fold up and put in the car. So it’s really slick, easy to fold, very functional with height adjustable arms and all sorts of other features as well and it’s been really well received. The Minimo and the Minimo Plus have done so well in the marketplace so we’re confident the Maximo will too.

What can we expect to see from TGA over the coming months?

We’ve got lots of changes; we’re constantly communicating with our manufacturers and getting them to improve their products, we’ve got some changes to the Minimo Plus which will really improve the product significantly, we’ve got a few new colour options coming in and later on in the year we’ve got some surprises with one or two new products launching. We’re also celebrating our 30th year so we’re going to be busy.

Untitled-1.inddDo you have any top tips for tackling an event like Naidex?

I think we’ve got a really good team and a really good team spirit and I think everyone’s fighting for the same goal. Shows can be tiring, but we’ve got a nice hotel nearby, we go for nice meals so we relax in the evenings and have a drink or two and come in all fresh together in the morning. We also try to bring lots of different staff and even though it’s quite far away we do try to change the staff so more can learn about the industry. We try and get our staff to face outward and not inward at shows and that’s a key part.