Theraposture’s new campaign protecting vulnerable customers from rogue traders against misleading pricing and high-pressure sales techniques when purchasing adjustable beds.

Theraposture’s fair selling educational campaign aims to help consumers avoid the many price-related pitfalls associated with purchasing adjustable beds from unethical suppliers. Unfortunately, many direct sellers employ inappropriate techniques to maximise profit with limited consideration of personal mobility needs. Commonly this involves unclear, misleading or artificially lowered prices with a view to enticing customers into booking a home visit. A commission-based salesman then delivers a high-pressured sales pitch determined to sell products in an opportunistic way, often at unrealistically high prices. Theraposture firmly believe there is no reason why accurate guide prices cannot be given up front, even for bespoke items – hence its latest initiative to encourage clear pricing across the industry.

Without genuine price transparency on the telephone, internet or within ads and literature, unscrupulous salesmen have the opportunity to manipulate figures to their advantage resulting in a poor deal for consumers. Theraposture aim to eradicate unethical sales techniques so that the well-being, independence and safety of customers are protected. 

Liam Braddell, Theraposture Sales Director comments: “As demonstrated by recent examples on the BBC Watchdog TV programme, the way many suppliers sell adjustable beds and chairs needs to change. Many vulnerable end users, who live with mobility and health challenges, continue to be specifically targeted by product suppliers simply to maximise profit. This has been an inherent problem for years – a systemic problem without empathy, care or integrity. Polished, high pressure salesmen continue to gain entry to peoples’ homes with a view to selling products at the highest possible price through dishonesty and deceit. Choice and control needs to be given back to the consumer.”

Liam continues: “Our fair selling campaign aims to empower consumers so they are aware of the many pitfalls of purchasing an assistive bed or rise and recliner chair. As a family-run business, our Trusted Assessors continue to meet large numbers of end users who have been ripped off by companies who frankly have no moral compass. Without question we believe fair and appropriate selling must never waiver – that is why we adhere to the Trading Standards Institute approved BHTA Code of Practice. We have introduced a simple guide to risk free purchasing which is now available on our website so consumers can avoid the many dangers associated with direct selling companies. We do hope our latest educational initiative changes market culture and re-educates society so that elderly and disabled people are not victimised anymore.”

Theraposture’s new guide to risk-free purchasing of adjustable beds and chairs can be found here and video below.