0729TGAminimoPlusGroupHR (2)TGA, the UK’s leading mobility scooter supplier to the trade, will be building on the success of the revolutionary Minimo with the unveiling of the new Minimo Plus at Trade Days (Stand E10, NEC, Hall 18, 5-6th October).

TGA has been a respected, nationwide supplier of world-class mobility scooters and products to retailers for almost 30 years. Its proven heritage for product innovation will once again be reiterated at Trade Days with the showcasing of its latest new scooter – the Minimo Plus. This model is based on the pioneering 4mph Minimo that was launched in 2013 and has produced significant results for retailers across the UK.

The Minimo introduction represented the beginning of a new genre of car boot scooter with a unique, single action folding mechanism that can be operated with one hand. The Minimo requires no dismantling of parts for storage in a compact space and its easy-lift design is furthered by an optional, cutting-edge lithium battery that is so lightweight, it can be lifted with one finger. This battery can be effortlessly removed for off-board charging so owners can continually store their Minimo in a car boot for maximum convenience. The new 4mph Minimo Plus incorporates all these features along with additional attributes including larger pneumatic tyres, more powerful motor and controller, integrated light, higher ground clearance and enhanced batteries. It also provides a higher rider weight capacity than the standard Minimo so users weighing up to 115kg (250lbs) can be accommodated.

The Minimo Plus will deliver an enhanced driving experience through its numerous additional features. Pneumatic tyres provide a smoother, more comfortable ride and extra range when compared to solid tyres and can include TGA’s puncture sealant for peace of mind. These tyres are combined with larger 228mm (9”) rear alloys so the Minimo Plus chassis provides higher ground clearance of 70mm. The reliable 70amp S-Drive controller and 270w motor give the user added performance whilst the Minimo’s market-leading manoeuvrability is maintained. Its 820mm turning circle ensures driving around town is hassle-free and the upgraded batteries ensure a range of up to 15 miles (24km) on a single charge. Active rear suspension adds to the stability of the Minimo Plus and anti-tip side castors provide safety when negotiating uneven surfaces or lowered kerbs.

Despite all these extra features, the 25kg (55lbs) Minimo Plus remains easy-to-lift when folded for storage in the majority of car boots. The unlocking levers are quick to engage and once folded, the Minimo can be effortlessly wheeled into position. Representing the first scooter to combine the benefits of a folding, compact car boot scooter with a mid-sized 4mph model, the Minimo Plus promises to raise significant interest at Trade Days.

Also on stand E10, TGA will be demonstrating a prototype of the larger version of the Minimo range, the 8mph Maximo, which is planned for launch in the coming months.

Regarding the Minimo Plus, Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director commented: “I would like to invite all scooter retailers onto stand E10 at Trade Days to witness our latest innovation. The Minimo Plus represents a natural evolution of our folding car boot concept and promises to provide a synergy of benefits to end users both in terms of transportability and upgraded driving experience. Potential and existing TGA retailers now have the opportunity to provide a mobility solution that takes independence to a new level through the latest in assistive design.”