TGA Mobility's Andrew Davey

TGA Mobility’s Andrew Davey

TGA, a leading supplier of mobility scooters to the trade, has expanded its headquarters and specialist workforce to enhance quality control for ultimate product reliability and performance.

TGA has been a trusted specialist in mobility scooters since 1985 and understands assured product quality is essential for national retailers. Impeccable service levels are also critical hence it has recently expanded its team and headquarters to facilitate a more efficient and focused operation. Within its 30,000 sq ft Suffolk headquarters TGA has increased the size of every internal department involved with servicing, ordering, warranty fulfillment, engineering and quality control.

TGA Mobility PDI Zone pictured

TGA Mobility PDI Zone pictured

The larger PDI Zone (Pre-delivery Inspection) allows TGA scooters to undergo their pre-dispatch 33-point check at a more rapid rate. This procedure involves TGA technicians checking that each scooter is in full working order before delivery focusing on features such as electrical controls, mechanical components and tyre pressure. The extensive stock room is ultra-efficient with the ability to dispatch parts with a same day delivery promise and the servicing call centre has more representatives. In addition to daily logistics, the overall management and progression of quality control is also now at the forefront of TGA development. Andrew Davey has been appointed as TGA’s Quality Co-ordinator and is responsible for driving quality assurance across the TGA product portfolio. The TGA scooter range is synonymous with reliability however Andrew’s role is to progress product improvements at source through precision reporting, management, analysis and feedback.

Andrew Davey TGA’s Quality Co-ordinator explains:

“My appointment at TGA strengthens the quality assurance that comes with our product range. I have been brought onboard as an ISO 9001:2015 specialist with extensive knowledge of Government Quality Standards. My remit at TGA involves working with manufacturers to improve product quality, overseeing the warranty process and driving product change. My focus is to catch all potential quality issues before they leave TGA. This maximises product reliability, performance and value for dealers whilst upholding high customer satisfaction levels. The efficiency of our warranty process is equally as paramount – excellence in customer service to the trade must be the norm so that any issues encountered, are resolved in an effective and efficient manner.”

Andrew continues:

“Fundamental to my role is the management of systems that gather data regarding product quality issues. These include on-line systems so that customer and warranty issues can be reported remotely as well as in-house. Data and issues are constantly monitored in order to identify trends and issues that could represent a problem for retailers and end users. By liaising with manufacturers, again using on-line reporting systems and specialist supply chain management, the aim is to identify the root cause of quality issues and ensure corrective action is put in place to permanently resolve them. This is critical so that a repetitive problem does not keep reoccurring and resulting in ‘quick fix’ replacements that do not eradicate the issue long term. As we develop our online quality control systems, product changes will be instantly accessible to retailers and all TGA departments. The benefit being that when spare parts are required, a retailer can instantly see from what serial number a change was implemented. This dovetails in with the quality improvement system, whereby when an issue is resolved, everyone can see what serial number the improvement is applicable from. This one specific yet crucial improvement reflects the plethora of enhancements I am involved with across the TGA supply chain.”

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes:

“With a heritage for engineering and an onsite workshop, we believe TGA continues to be uniquely positioned to offer products and service that surpass other scooter suppliers. We understand that retailers need to have confidence in the scooters they sell through a reduced risk of faults and poor performance. Protecting their reputation as a trusted company is critical for long-term business success. Reliable products mean that time and margin is not wasted with engineer call outs to fix mechanical or electrical issues. We ensure every TGA product is rigorously checked before dispatch and continue to improve component quality with a sustainable strategy. Quality assurance means greater profitability for our retailers and a better ownership experience for end users – we are committed to delivering this, 100%.”