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TGA, the UK-leading mobility scooter specialist, has won the BHTA Independent Living Design Award for its pioneering puncture sealant system introduced in 2014.

This highly regarded accolade was announced at the BHTA Annual Awards, which this year was held at the prestigious Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, London. The ceremony was well attended by large number of key figures within the healthcare sector and the evening’s proceeding were hosted by BBC journalist and breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull. As established members of the BHTA, TGA entered the Independent Living Design Award category earlier in the year with its revolutionary puncture sealant system for mobility scooters. Developed in partnership with a leading sealant manufacturer, Sales Science, this solution has delivered increased independence and peace of mind for large numbers of end users across the UK.

Launched in January and exclusive to TGA, this puncture sealant solution represents a revolution in protection against flat pneumatic tyres on mobility scooters. This viscous liquid is available either pre-injected into tyres before delivery or in an easy-to-use bottle, so scooter users can be protected against the majority of punctures. It automatically seals punctures measuring up to 6mm in the tyre tread area so that normal scooter performance can usually continue with minimal loss of pressure. This new system benefits both retailers selling TGA scooters and end users. Engineer call-outs to resolve punctures are significantly lowered so mobility retailers can reduce costs and save time. Simultaneously, end users can avoid the inconvenience of experiencing a puncture and benefit from the advantages that solid wheels offer, but with the comfort and extra range of pneumatic tyres.

There are similar products available today, however the TGA solution pioneers in the marketplace as it:

  • is 100% environmentally friendly
  • removes the traditional need to carry a puncture repair kit
  • eliminates the immediate requirement to re-inflate or replace a tyre

After being presented with the award by Bill Turnbull, Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager commented: “Winning this award is the perfect finále to one of our most successful years ever. We have experienced significant growth this year whilst continuing to support our retailers through innovative products such as our puncture sealant. This sealant has proven to be effective and dependable – giving greater freedom to scooter owners and reducing costs for retailers through less engineer call-outs to resolve flat tyres. We would like to thank our sealant manufacturer for working with us to develop such a trustworthy product. Now with this official recognition, we are confident our puncture sealant will continue to grow in popularity as more retailers and their customers discover the many benefits of having it pre-injected by TGA.”