TGA_Bob_BingleyTGA, the leading specialist supplier of mobility scooters to the trade, has strengthened its stock management procedures so that more products and spare parts are available at greater speed.

These new operational improvements are being spearheaded by Bob Bingley, TGA’s new Senior Stock Controller/Replenishment Manager. Bob brings over 25 years of stock management experience to TGA with expertise gained in the FMCG, food and arable sectors. Bob now has the unique challenge of optimizing the supply of all products, components and materials entering TGA so that availability is maximized for retailers. TGA only sources quality components from a worldwide market however lead times and quantities can vary considerably. Hence Bob is implementing advanced techniques to ensure lag periods do not affect onward supply in the UK. TGA understands that efficient provision of scooters and spares is essential for trade customers to deliver service levels that help grow their business.

Bob explains: “Optimizing stock management is never a perfect science as there are always countless variables that cannot be controlled. However, it is my job to ensure the availability of parts and products is the best it can be for our retailers irrespective of circumstances. Continually analyzing forward demand data is critical for me so that I can attempt to predict future needs. These can be affected by many factors such as seasonality, market trends and new products developments. Throughout the whole supply chain process, the aim is to have the right product, at the right place, at the right time. I am continually adjusting our approach in close contact with Sales and Service so that the expectations of our trade customers are met. Same day dispatch has become the norm on most parts – ensuring customer satisfaction levels remain high.”

Bob continues: “Being able to reduce on-the-shelf stock, yet provide distribution to dealers without delay, irrelevant of demand, delivers financial efficiencies for us. However externally we are always seeking feedback from retailers regarding the challenges they face so better systems can be introduced to help them. By working together, with regular communication, we can ensure that ultimately the independence of end users is maximized through efficient parts and product supply.”

Bob concludes: “On a personal note, I thoroughly enjoy my role at TGA, I have never worked anywhere like this before. The positive culture that results from TGA being a family-run business is apparent all the time. I am on the same wavelength as Daniel Stone our Managing Director when it comes to his ethos for quality – this motivates me every day to deliver the best possible solution to benefit our valued retailers.”

Outside of TGA, Bob is a school governor and has enjoyed para-motoring for over five years. Para-motoring is a motorized version of para-gliding which involves Bob flying at altitudes up to 10,000 feet with a paragliding wing and an engine and propeller strapped to his back, held up only by a few bits of string.