M8000_GBHiResThe new M8000 Super Mobile Phone from amplicomms is perfect for those who want more than just a simple phone, but without Smartphone Features.

The M8000 is suitable for use by people living independently, with hearing or vision loss. It has an Emergency Button, a Voice Assisted Operating system with a large keypad and screen, and is very, very loud.

The SOS button at the rear will help in an emergency, dialling up to 5 pre-selected numbers until somebody answers, as well as 3 quick dial buttons for frequently used numbers.

The one touch 2 megapixel camera/camcorder allows users to send text and pictures. With an expandable memory up to 16GB you can easily store hundreds of pictures or video clips. Few mobiles on the high street are hearing aid compatible, however the M8000 has one of the best compatibility ratings. Calls can be up to 80 times louder than regular phones with a powerful, vibrating alert, and a ringtone that can sound as loud as a road drill.

Texting is a great way of keeping in touch with family if you’re hard of hearing; with large cushioned buttons the M8000 makes texting an easy pleasure. And if your vision is impaired, the phone has a Voice Assisted operating system that provides a talking keypad, so you’ll know if you’ve hit the wrong key. You can also opt to have the phone announce the numbers or names of incoming calls.

The phone has Bluetooth connectivity for hands free car kits, headsets or computers. 3G Quad Band operating technology means the M8000 can be used on your travels, anywhere on the globe. Other functions include: vibration alert, extra loud hands free, tone control, calendar, gallery, alarm clock and more. Complete with a charging base station, the phone is also SIM free so you can choose the best tariff for you or pay as you go.


Tel: 07940 410 207

UK Freecall: 0800 612 1657