Home lifts specialist Stiltz Lifts is reaching out to occupational therapists in order to help them better understand what is involved in the assessment process in the application of domestic lifts.

The home lift manufacturer is targeting OTs to make them more aware of the benefits that floor lifts can offer end users. Stiltz Lifts, along with one of its authorised partners, Dolphin Lifts Midlands, will be leading a seminar at the Occupational Therapy Adaption Conference (OTAC), which is being held at the Belfry Hotel in Sutton Coldfield on January 29.

Gino Farruggio, UK Trade Sales Director for Stiltz Lifts, believes it is important that the company and dealers representing the business continue to raise awareness with occupational therapists about how the relatively new concept of home lifts can provide a simple and easy solution for individuals with mobility issues.

Mr Farruggio says: “It also important to promote the fact that a Disabled Facilities Grant may be provided to the user by the local authority to help adapt their home. The grant provides a provision for improved access to floors and rooms in order to make them more suitable for the individual’s needs.”

As part of this grant, the purchase of a Stiltz Homelift can either be fully or partially funded. The grant covers anything that contributes towards helping an individual live a fulfilling and independent life, as long as the installation of home lift can show an improvement in quality of life.

Currently, Stiltz Lifts offer the Stiltz Trio+ Homelift which has been designed to take a full-sized wheelchair and a carer. It features a gently-angled ramp and the option of an automatic door to maximise ease of use when entering and exiting the lift. The company also includes in its range, the smaller and compact Stiltz Duo+ Homelift, which is as an ideal alternative to a stairlift.

Mr Farruggio will be giving a presentation to OTs on the three main phases of what is involved when an OT recommends an end user for a domestic lift. This includes assessing the end user’s needs for a lift, reviewing the home’s suitability and exploring the available lift options.

Mr Farruggio said: “Both myself and our partners Dolphin Lifts Midlands are looking forward to meeting and speaking with OTs at the OTAC event later this month. At Stiltz Lifts, we recognise that our products can be life-changing for end users who cannot safely access the stairs on their own.

“Occupational therapists deal with individuals who have this problem every day, so the idea is for us to reach out to them and provide a greater understanding of what is involved in the application process for a home lift as well as promoting the Disabled Facilities Grant.

“We hope this will help make it easier for OTs to find a quicker way of helping end users with a solution to improve their quality of life. Stiltz homelifts are also useful for users with an immediate need or as a means of future-proofing their home for later life.”

More information at Stiltz can be found at www.stiltz.co.uk.