rollerscoot croppedThe manufacturers of the RollerScoot, the world’s first upright personal mobility vehicle, are looking to develop a network of retailers and distributors with exclusive territories for the UK and overseas. The RollerScoot includes a built-in perching seat for resting, incorporates a unique design that enables the user to remain standing, and allows a turn of up to 360 degrees, in any direction.

Available from 1st January 2015, the RollerScoot is zero-rated for VAT and is protected by granted Patents and Trade Marks.

“We are looking to go into partnership with experienced retailers that have enthusiasm or selling ground-breaking mobility products. This is a unique opportunity to be one of the first to sell a revolutionary new mobility solution that is totally different to anything currently available in the UK and around the world,” commented RollerScoot inventor and director Ian Gray.

The RollerScoot is already an award winning product and during the prototype stage it picked up several national awards. Think of it as a cross between a powered mobility scooter and a wheelchair but with the additional advantage of being able to stand, therefore boosting independence and wellbeing. Backed up by university research, which focuses on the benefits of standing more and sitting less, Ian is hugely enthusiastic about the extent to which the RollerScoot can make life easier for many people, while helping to promote a healthier lifestyle. The RollerScoot features a more interactive upright position for the user, combined with its lightweight design, manoeuvrability and ease of use. There is even a built-in seat should the user wish to have a rest.

Thanks to its compact size and small turning circle, the RollerScoot can be used in areas where scooters and wheelchairs are often prohibited. It gives people a sense of freedom and it allows them to feel included as they are the same height as everyone else – great for social interaction, or simply reaching things from a shelf or cupboard.

Fitting with a stable standing platform that allows the RollerScoot to turn on its own axis, plus unique built-in leg and hand supports, there are no issues with stability, direction or fitting through standard doorways. A joystick controls the speed and direction, and the RollerScoot’s twin motors are powered by the latest lithium-ion battery pack and capable of travelling up to 12 miles and is limited to a safe maximum speed of 4mph. The maximum user weight capacity is 114kg (18 stone).

Unlike bulky or cumbersome alternatives, thanks to its lightweight aluminium frame, the RollerScoot is easy to take apart and dismantles into three lightweight parts – it will fit into a small car boot as well as being suitable for taking on public transport.

To discuss retail opportunities or to arrange a free demonstration, call RollerScoot Ltd on 0800 389 0347/07753 826 807, email or visit

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