The 40th REHACARE INTERNATIONAL that will be taking place in Düsseldorf in Germany from 4 to 7 October 2017 will be focusing on people with disabilities, care needs and chronic diseases as well as on the elderly. The 700 exhibitors from 36 countries who will be taking part in Europe’s leading trade fair for rehabilitation and care will be presenting an overview of the opportunities currently available to help people live a largely self-determined life with the aid of innovative equipment. Almost every second exhibitor will be travelling from other countries to the event in Germany. Large national presentations, for instance, are expected from Denmark, Great Britain, Canada, China and Taiwan.

In the limelight: Everything that gets you on the move

Mobility will be a major topic at REHACARE. More than 200 international exhibitors, for example, will be presenting wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walking aids. The overview will be occupying most of the event’s halls. The product range in this area will be complemented by the car show that is unique in the trade-fair landscape for rehabilitation products. On 850 square metres of space in Hall 6, 21 vehicle-converting companies will be presenting the technical possibilities for adapting motor vehicles to almost any type of disability.

REHACARE 2017 will be taking place in Halls 4 to 6, 7.0 and 7A of the Düsseldorf trade fair centre. In addition to the core segment with mobility and daily living aids as well as communications and care equipment for people with sensory disabilities, the trade fair will be offering a wealth of ideas and products for barrier-free living, leisure and travel along with a broad range of the sports that are available to the disabled and elderly. Around 60 exhibitors will be presenting equipment and tools for inpatient and outpatient care.

Live in Hall 4: ETH Zürich puts on a CYBATHLON Experience

Exciting activities and topics are to be found at the 40-year anniversary of this trade fair. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zürich) is organizing a CYBATHLON Experience in conjunction with REHACARE. This is a new type of event which is centred around the CYBATHLON. At this event, trade fair visitors can go live to voice their opinion on the implementation and limits of assistance technology for people with disabilities. Furthermore, CYBATHLON also aims to encourage inclusivity and making the public aware of inclusion.

Show competitions with wheelchairs and robotic exoskeletons

In Hall 4, show competitions will take place. Here, people with physical disabilities compete in an obstacle course, supported by smart technology assistance systems. One course is planned for wheelchairs and another must be tackled using robotic exoskeletons. REHACARE exhibitors can also take part in the competition, by providing their equipment to pilots (CYBATHLON competitors are referred to as pilots).

 The first CYBATHLON was held by ETH Zürich in October 2016, and was a great success. With 4,600 visitors, the SWISS Arena in Kloten, Zürich was sold out. The spectators cheered on 66 international pilots from 25 countries and their technical teams, who were kitted out with high-tech aids and competed in six different events to deliver nail-biting finishes. The second edition of the CYBATHLON will take place in Zürich in 2020.

The CYBATHLON is a platform which promotes research into, development of and implementation of modern assistance systems. It looks into how well technology is currently supporting disabled people in managing their daily lives and how it should perform in the future. Therefore, in the courses, participants face tasks that mimic daily life, such as going up stairs in an exoskeleton or wheeling over uneven surfaces in wheelchairs. The aim is to stimulate cooperation and exchange between technology developers, industrial bodies and institutes so that they can develop aids which are optimally adapted to their users’ needs.

A meeting point for the international rehabilitation and care industry

REHACARE is the annual meeting place for international trade visitors who work in the sales and import sectors, as well as experts from rehabilitation facilities, nursing institutions for the sick and elderly, cost bearers, industry, the trades and associations.

It is also the most important information platform held by and for people with disabilities, care needs and chronic diseases in Germany. Trade associations, organisations and self-help groups will be making up one-third of exhibitors and will be providing individual consultations for people requiring assistance, alongside organising the special shows and themed areas dedicated to education and work, culture and sports for the disabled.

REHACARE 2017 will be opening its doors from Wednesday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. and on Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Admission tickets are available from the online ticket shop and cost € 8.00. For more information and admission tickets, please visit the portal at