Quickie_Life_Teens_Lifestyle_1 (2) smallerIt’s awkward enough being a teenager without having to squeeze into a children’s wheelchair that’s too small, or making do with an adult chair which isn’t quite right. So, Quickie have come up with the perfect solution – the first wheelchairs designed specifically with teenagers in mind – the Quickie Life FT and RT.

Available in a folding or rigid version and with a fixed or swing-away front frame, the modern and fresh Quickie Life Teens models combine a robust frame with cool features perfect for the active lifestyle of a teenager. The Quickie Life Teens are supremely adjustable for maximum performance so the chairs can be fine-tuned as skills improve or as teens grow. There’s even an optional abduction frame to offer increased forward stability – great for smaller teens.

Quickie_Life_Teens_Technical (2) smallStyled with a teenagers’ exacting tasted in mind the Quickie Life Teens are available in more than 30 different colours, with three different accessory packs and a wide choice of spokeguards.

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