Shoe Horn

Healthcare Designed Ltd’s Shoe Horns have been made with both practicality and design as priority. The shoe horns feature and extended length allowing the user to put on their shoes without having to bend down too low and add pressure to their lower back. They are ideal for those who are suffering back pain or stiffness and find it difficult to bend. Healthcare Designed Ltd’s shoe horns are available in three designs; Pink Peony, Yelloe Waterlilies and (pictured) Blue Swallows.

Grabber Stick

Healthcare Designed Ltd’s Grabber Stick has been made with beauty as well as practicality in mind. The Grabber Stick is both lightweight and sturdy allowing users to reach for objects without added strain to the back. The handle is designed for comfortable use with all four fingers, making it easy to use for those with weaker hands. The Grabber Stick helps those who have trouble bending down or reaching higher objects. The jaw is rubber lined to add grip. Available in Pink Peony, Blue Swallow and Yellow Waterlilies.