Passenger Lift Services (PLS) install lift to Plaxton-built accessible coach 

Passenger Lift Services (PLS), the world-class specialist in powered vehicle lifts for the accessible PCV market, has designed and installed the world’s strongest wheelchair lift to a new Plaxton-built accessible coach with Leopard body and B8R Volvo chassis.

Part of the Mobility Networks Group, PLS is regarded as the proven leader in electrically operated lifts for accessible mini-buses, buses and coaches. Its pioneering new ‘Mega-H’ mid-mounted cassette coach lift has a standard SWL of 400kg however this has been upgraded to 500kg and installed in the bottom locker of a new vehicle operated by Woodstones of Kidderminster. It represents a significant engineering achievement to design and manufacture a powered solution with such a high lifting capacity whilst delivering a 20kg weight saving based on previous PLS models. This latest Mega-H lift encompasses the latest innovative features for improved performance and safety. These include new quick-lock easy operation handrails, higher platform side guards and fully adjustable fitting brackets for more efficient installation. Passengers with wheelchairs and powerchairs of a greater combined weight can now benefit from faster and safer accessibility whilst risk is minimised for the operator.

The vehicle is fitted with 57 Brusa Extend 300 passenger seats, a driver and courier seat plus three sets of removable seats to accommodate a wheelchair passenger. A wheelchair can be secured to the specialist onboard floor rails via marketing-leading retractor tie-downs.

Ken Albon, Key Account Manager for Alexander-Dennis Ltd (Plaxton) said: “Plaxton has been fitting wheelchair lifts of varying types to coaches for around 16 years. We choose to fit PLS equipment to our vehicles having worked closely with them for many years now. The install of the equipment is straightforward and takes around a day in total to both fit and commission. In our opinion PLS equipment is probably the easiest to use on the market.”

Adam Beck, PLS Managing Director concluded: “The PLS team is proud to have completed this lift installation for Plaxton’s as it showcases all of our latest engineering developments. This next generation Mega-H lift also demonstrates our goal in producing products with common components so availability of spare parts and servicing is more efficient for customers. This cutting-edge PLS lift will deliver assured performance and safety to Woodstones and its disabled customers for many years to come.”

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