Monklands CEO Sharon Aitchison (on lift) and Monklands Director Christine Buckel

Platinum Stairlifts recently donated one of their Curve stairlifts to Monklands Women’s Aid in Airdrie, Scotland.

The charity, which has operated for over three decades, provides a responsive holistic service to vulnerable women and children, who are or have suffered from domestic abuse, whether this be physical, psychological, financial or mental. Monklands offers a range of services, from basic advice and counselling, through to providing refuge for women, children and young people in hiding from abusive partners or spouses.

Primarily funded through government grants, in the past 12 months Monklands Women’s Aid has helped around 650 women in heightened crisis and over 500 young people. It has 8 refuge properties which can accommodate up to 16 women at a time.

The services that Monklands provides necessitates a level of secrecy and privacy in order to protect the people they serve. To fulfil this need, the charity moved to larger and more secure premises in May 2016. The new head offices are now able to deliver a one-stop-service from the centre of Airdrie, making it more accessible and providing a better space to host workshops, counselling services and youth groups.

One drawback to the new premises was an imposing staircase leading up to the first-floor offices. A number of Monklands’ service users are unable to negotiate stairs, either due to existing disability or through injuries sustained via acts of domestic abuse. Whilst the day-to-day running of the charity is funded through Local Authority and Government grants, these do not extend to the provision of a stairlift.

Platinum’s Marketing Manager, Mark Gash, said:

“We often donate stairlifts to worthy causes, however the majority of these tend to be focused around elderly or disabled individuals. The women that Monklands helps have an urgent need to access the charity’s potentially life-saving services; for that to be jeopardised by a flight of stairs is unacceptable. It was a pleasure to be able to install a brand new custom-made Platinum Curve, knowing that it would help a large number of vulnerable people.”

Sharon Aitchison, CEO of Monklands Women’s Aid, said:

“It is so important that the people we serve are able to access our charity in a safe environment. The women, children and young people we support are effectively in hiding for their lives and without the stairlift, some of the less abled people would have been forced to meet with our staff in un-secure places, such as cafes, where they run the risk of being recognised by their abusers. This stairlift means so much to the charity and we can’t thank Platinum enough for the time and effort they have put into donating one of their lifts to us.”

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