spaghettiEating together is one of life’s simple pleasures – provided everyone can participate and enjoy their food. The ORNAMIN range has been designed with style as well as function, removing any stigma or embarrassment about using adaptive crockery, because its supportive features are hidden in its design.

One example is the Keep Warm Dish . Physical disability can make eating a slow process, and hot food that has become cold is distinctly unappetising. The Keep Warm Plate and Bowl enable even the slowest eater to enjoy their meal to the very last bite. Non-slip grip pads not only ensure a safe hold, but are also a great way to conceal the openings for the thermal function. The big openings are easy to fill with hot or cold water or crushed ice. A non-slip ring under the base ensures that nothing slides around when you’re eating.

On stand TE 141 at Trade Days 2016, you can try out the Keep Warm Dish  and more of the of the family tableware range from ORNAMIN. For more information visit