Capture2The team behind No Bend Pet Bowl yesterday confirmed a 6 week store trial with retail group The Southern Co-operative starting this September running into October. The trial comes after the Northampton based manufacturer and distributor of the innovative pet feeding product, recently announced a new listing with the Co-operative’s Independent Living online shopping service.

Pam Dobson, co-founder of No Bend Pet Bowl, comments: 

“The past 12 months have been fantastic for us online, with sales continuing to grow month on month for our existing distribution partners.”

“Our plans for the remainder of the year are on track as we look to establish new relationships with High Street retail partners large and small, with our new point of sale materials helping to support this.”

Capture1Since its UK launch last year, No Bend Pet Bowl has added a third colour to the range, now available in red, light grey and black. It’s unique, extendable handle, allows owners to feed their pets both safely and without discomfort which can result from back pain, arthritis and a multitude of other conditions that make bending or kneeling difficult. The NHS spends £1 billion a year on back pain related conditions WITH 6 million people in the UK (1 in 5 adults aged 50-59) suffering from osteoarthritis which causes pain, stiffness and weak joints. In addition, the NHS carries out more than 200,000 hip and knee operations each year, both of which result in periods of restricted movement both before and after. Find out more about the No Bend Pet Bowl at