Tray_with_reverse (2)MP Cheryl Gillan has praised a company’s new non-slip trays as ‘fantastic’ after testing to see how they help people with mobility problems.

Former Cabinet Minister Mrs Gillan bought a tray from Isagi Ltd after visiting the company in her Buckinghamshire constituency – and was so impressed that she now vows to purchase more for Christmas.

The ‘unique’ lightweight trays are made from a special material which grips plates, cups and saucers, ensuring they do not slip around or fall while being carried to the table.

Mrs Gillan bought two bath mats and a tray with the aim of “looking more closely at just what protections are afforded to the elderly and disabled in terms of the materials that are available to keep people safer”.

“I was keen to try the products for myself as various family members have mobility problems and I think these could be helpful,” she said.

The MP later told Isagi: “The trays are fantastic – so much so that I am planning to order several for Christmas!

“They provide a marvellous invisible grip on things, so, for people who might be a little unsteady or wobbly on their feet, the tray provides a secure base for a glass or whatever is being carried on it. They also grip your lap if you are using them to eat a TV dinner.

“The tray feels secure without being bulky as the cushioned lap trays can sometimes be.”

Isagi, which specialises in supply of non-slip matting and fabrics, invited the MP to its offices in Chesham earlier this year to discuss various issues and show her products which help people with mobility problems.

Cheryl1 (2)Managing Director Andrew Guilbert said: “We are thrilled that our MP gave us such a great testimonial for our trays. She also praised our mats, which was very pleasing.

“We know from other feedback that these products are hugely valuable to customers, particularly the elderly and disabled.”

Isagi also made the news this year when it donated 50 of the non-slip trays to the WheelPower charity to use at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, which regularly plays host to high-profile events for disabled people. WheelPower described the trays as ‘wonderful’.

Mr Guilbert said: “The charity fed back to us that the trays were performing as expected and said the moulded handles and the non-slip surfaces are the stand-out features. They wash them once or twice daily for three minutes and have reported no problems with putting them in the dishwasher.”

The trays retail at £11.99 and £9.99 depending on size.

For more information visit or call 01494 772 956.