C1000DSOttobock is a manufacturer of mobility and special seating products. Their expertise and advanced technology have set standards throughout the entire market sector because they are focused on a single purpose: to help people maintain and restore their independence. The Ottobock product range covers paediatric buggies, manual wheelchairs, power chairs and walking frames.

Ottobock is part of the Ottobock global group of companies established in the UK in 1976.Ottobock’s products are all sold exclusively through their network of specially selected dealers around the UK. Each product is made to order for the customer to ensure that it meets their individual requirements.

We spoke to National Accounts Business Manager, Rob Ridgewell about what Ottobock can offer potential dealers.

What does your role at Ottobock involve?

I’m the National Accounts Business Manager so I look after all the retail and manufacturers that we sell to in the UK.

What types of products are available to trade customers?

We manufacture bespoke, customised products. That ranges from manual wheelchairs, power chairs, seating and accessories, including cushions and backrests, headrests, forearm supports and paediatric equipment. We don’t sell directly to end users, we always go through a third party. We have quite a big portfolio of products so our dealers tend to cherry pick the ones that best fit in with their existing products.

What are the best-selling products through retailers?

Our power chairs are the most popular. We all like value for money and we all like things to last as long as possible and I think Ottobock deliver that. Our starting price for Ottobock power chairs is £2000 retail and they’re custom made, which is unique in that area.

What are the benefits for trade customers buying products from Ottobock?

The first would be the build quality, which means that the product will last longer and have fewer issues in the long term. We don’t manufacture anywhere else other than in Germany which I would say, globally, has a good reputation. The warranty period is two years and two months as standard and a lot of the frames are covered for four years and in some cases five years. This offers peace of mind for the retailers because obviously they don’t want to be selling equipment that can go wrong or that they’re going to have problems with. There’s the prestige as well because we don’t sell to everyone.

ottobock_blue (2)For more information on becoming an Ottobock dealer call 01784 744 900 or email bockuk@ottobock.com