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Quickie_Life_Teens_Technical (2) small

Quickie Life Teens

Quickie Life Teens – Sunrise Medical

It’s awkward enough being a teenager without having to squeeze into a wheelchair that’s too small, or making do with an adult chair which isn’t quite right. So, Quickie have come up with the perfect solution – the first wheelchair designed specifically with teenagers in mind – the Quickie Life FT and RT.

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Blue uno close up (2)


UNO – Consolor

UNO is a fully adjustable modular seating system, custom to each respective client. This ‘one piece’ hinged seating system provides fantastic cost savings to that of alternative modular solutions.

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ossenberg single metallic classic anatomic softgrip open cuff forearm crutch (large)

Ossenberg crutches

Ossenberg crutches – Mobility Choices

Ossenberg crutches come in a range of open and closed cuff versions as well as the flagship carbon-fibre folding travel crutch. There is also a children’s range called ‘Kiddy Line’.

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Zippie_RS_Technical_1 (2) small

Zippie RS

Zippie RS – Sunrise Medical

This new paediatric rotation-in-space wheelchair is perfect for a variety of positioning needs, focusing on facilitating feeding and respiratory function, reducing pressure beneath the pelvis and improving visual orientation.

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Quest facing right (2)small

Pride Quest

Quest – Pride Mobility

The Quest is a light, portable and easy-to-fold scooter from Pride Mobility. Sleek and stylish, the Quest offers a comfortable ride and is extremely easy to operate. Perfect for a user with an active lifestyle, the Quest offers great performance both indoors and out, and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 4mph.

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Serenity 4 inch Lid open Lifestyle (2)small

Serenity Raised Toilet Seat

Serenity Raised Toilet Seat – Gordon Ellis & Co

Gordon Ellis have launched their new Serenity Raised Toilet Seat range in an attractive retail box or bulk pack. Available with or without a lid, or you can sell a separate lid later.

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The Hydrant

The Hydrant – Hydrate for Health

The Hydrant is a flexible drinking aid that enables people with limited mobility and reach to access fluids easily. This unique and simple product helps to tackle dehydration, a major issue in the healthcare industry.

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Horizon 2 Foot Levers

Horizon Plus – updated

Horizon Plus updated – Platinum Stairlifts

This month, Platinum Stairlifts launches an updated Horizon Plus stairlift carriage, featuring the addition of an extra handle for the lever-linked footrest.

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Springbok (2)small

Springbok Walking Stick Handle

Springbok Walking Stick Handle – Gordon Ellis & Co

The Springbok Handle helps put some spring back in your step, by providing a second handle on your walking stick. It is ideal for standing up from a seat, getting out of a car or even after kneeling down for gardening. Two handles are much steadier than just one.

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