Black_Fine_Mesh_High-res2 (2)Isagi customers can rest easy if they purchase the award-winning company’s non-slip product– because the fabric is specially designed to stop mattresses slipping off bed bases.
The unique patented non-slip Performance PER® is used in bed manufacture and is also ideal for wooden and slatted bed bases as well as futons to stop mattresses slipping or moving. It can simply be laid flat on the bed base or sewn to the underneath of the mattress or sonic welded.
And now the material, the StayPut 1.4mm ECO PER®, comes with an added advantage after recently being successfully tested to British Standards. It conforms to BS EN597-1&2:1995 which covers fabrics tested over both Fire Retardant (FR) and non-Fire Retardant (non-FR) foam. 
While Isagi knew its material included a fire retardant, and was confident that it would pass the stringent BS standard, Managing Director Andrew Guilbert said: “We are delighted that the fabric has passed the BS EN standard, as this gives our customers the confidence and re-assurance that is so important in this area.”
The fabric is used by upholsterers and chair or sofa manufacturers. When sewn or sonic welded to the underside of seat pads or cushions, it prevents slipping or sliding. It is also widely used in the mobility sector for around the home to prevent cushions on sofas or inclined bed mattresses from moving and for wheelchair users
In addition, the fabric has the attraction of being OEKO-TEX 100-Level 1 (safe for baby articles), phthalate free. It does not contain PVC or Toxic Metal.
Isagi, which was crowned Innovative Business of the Year in Buckinghamshire earlier this year, is passionate about ensuring its customers benefit from the safest and most up-to-date materials across the company’s wide range of non-slip products.
MD Andrew Guilbert explained: “The majority of people are under the impression that all non-slip fabrics are the same, and are safe when in contact with the skin, food, and all surfaces, and can be used in pretty much any environment.
“In reality, most non-slip fabrics are a derivative of PVC, and there are serious questions and concerns being raised about the chemicals, toxins, phthalates, PaHs and heavy metals associated with PVC-based materials which can be detrimental for health.
Chair_Cushion2_High-res2 (2)“The EU has banned many phthalates from cosmetics, teething rings and children’s toys. Their migration into foodstuffs from materials in which they are in contact is a well-known source of contamination. They can also lose their non-slip properties when the surface becomes damp or dusty.
“We have completely moved away from standard PVC-based non slip fabrics, to a unique material which is manufactured from PET – which is a form of polyester like clothing fabric – as we want our customers to be re-assured that they can use the fabrics, in any situation; whether that be a mat under a plate on their toddler’s high chair, to under a cushion on a wheelchair.”  
He added: “While the manufacture of the StayPut PER®formance fabrics is more complex than standard non-slip PVC materials, the outcome is far more in keeping with today’s demands for materials that are versatile and offer the re-assurance of skin safe, food safe, free from chemicals and at the end of their useful life; biodegradable.”
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