With increasing market demand for information on charging batteries correctly, Invacare has released a highly useful animation. This demonstrates how easy it is to maintain batteries for scooters and powerchairs.

This neat little animation featuring ‘Barry on his Invacare scooter’, demonstrates the correct method for charging batteries, and provides useful tips to help customers maintain the ‘heart’ of their product, the battery, which can prolong the life of an Invacare scooter or powerchair.

“There’s always a need to use a product quickly and many of us are guilty for not always reading the instructions thoroughly. However, this animation shows that by following some simple methods and best practise for charging batteries, it can have a dramatic effect on the performance of a product like a scooter or powerchair.” commented Graham Silverthorn, Product Specialist, Invacare Ltd.

The animation is available on Invacare UK Youtube channel and is currently being promoted on Invacare’s Facebook page.

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