Invacare new four productsInvacare have just launched four innovative, new power chair products to complement is comprehensive powerchair range; the Pronto Air PT, the TDX SP2 Ultra and the Chasswheel Four X and Urban models.

The stylish and contemporary Pronto Air PT is a new take on basic powered mobility – the personal transporter. Comfortable seating combined with an easy to drive, manoeuvrable base, makes this modern day power chair suitable for almost any indoor environment.

At the other end of the scale the TDX SP2 Ultra offers a new level in powered seating and positioning. Its best in class shear reduction during dynamic positioning combined with an integrated selection of backrests and postural support options is achieved with the Ultra Low Maxx seating from Motion concepts. Combined with the proven and stable TDX SP2 wheelbase, the TDX SP2 Ultra is the new benchmark in complex powered seating.

Finally the products that are all torque – the Chasswheel range of 4 x 4 outdoor power chairs. Invacare will be distributing both the Four X and the Urban products, with its robust design and “go anywhere and do anything approach”, Chasswheel offers a totally new outdoor experience.

For more details on these products, please visit their website