New to the mobility industry tmsuk UK Ltd, the subsidiary of Japanese practical robot manufacturer, tmsuk, have developed the robotic wheelchair RODEM. 

tmsuk UK Ltd produce the RODEM, the robotic wheelchair that is unique in its method of getting on and off a chair.  You slide in from the back.  The seat height can be adjusted so the seat can be level with the bed/chair and it can be raised so that the user can speak face to face with other people.  The chair can also be controlled by an app on your mobile phone so you can move it away when not in use.

RODEM was developed to enable everyone to live more easily. RODEM is a unique robotic wheelchair,
using new technology to address the needs of the growing ageing population.

With the RODEM tmsuk is supporting the ability of more people to live how they want, go where they
want and improve the quality of life.

Depending on the needs of the rider, the RODEM can be a robot, a vehicle or a wheelchair.

The unveiling the commercial version of this new Universal Vehicle will be in Japan in November,
and then it will be available for purchase across the world in Spring 2018.

Please contact if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

Advantages of the RODEM

  • Can transfer from the bed, toilet, etc. without changing the orientation of your body
  • Smooth transfers
  • You can be at a sitting or standing height
  • The load on the back in the wheelchair is dispersed across the chest, knees and bottom
  • Expands the accessible areas and improves feeling of independence
  • Allows the rider to adjust their height to that of others to prevent discomfort

For more information about tmsuk UK Ltd. call 0117 428 5742 or visit