Designer of revolutionary S’up spoon, developed to help disabled people eat without spilling pays tribute to housing provider Blackwood following worldwide success.

Grant Douglas, the 43-year-old from Edinburgh won the Blackwood Design Award in 2015. The international annual award competition discovers new designs, products and concepts which aid independent living. The prize from Blackwood consists of business, design and marketing support to either bring the new innovation to the independent living market or helps to develop its success.

Grant, who has cerebral palsy, knows of the difficulties faced while eating: “I remember the day I had the idea really clearly. I was just about to get up and have breakfast and thought that I needed a spoon with a lid on it.

“Eating is a fundamental part of life. You can’t survive without eating but now the S’up spoon allows people more choice about what they can eat, so they can have a more enriched life.”

The S’up spoon is an innovative design which uses a ‘lid’ to ensure its contents don’t spill. The deep cavity stops food spilling over the edge aiding the process of eating.

Grant pays tribute to Blackwood for propelling his invention into worldwide success, saying: “We entered as we share Blackwood’s aim to enable people with disabilities to live as independently as possible.

“It helped us get noticed and being recognised with such a prestigious Award gives that added credibility to the product and shows that people really believe in it.

“The advice and guidance we have since received, gives the S’up a far better chance of being accepted as a standard piece of adapted cutlery for people with disabilities by health bodies.”

Entries are now being taken for the 2018 competition across four categories; Best Collaborative Project by a University or Institute of Higher Learning, Best New Concept, Best New Accessible Technology and Best New Aids and Equipment.  Entries are open until 30 March, submit here.

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