The amplicomms PowerTel 97

With a wireless pendant that will transmit to the phone in an emergency, the amplicomms PowerTel 97 phone is a perfect solution for those who live independently, but want to feel able and safe in their own home. For people with hearing and vision loss, it has amplified calls and ring tone, a large display along with talking big buttons to guide you through the menu, and vocalised announcement of caller ID.
The water resistant SOS transmitter, in the form of a pendant can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. When the button on the pendant is pushed in an emergency, it triggers sequential calling to three pre-programmed numbers until somebody answers the call, allowing a remote hands free conversation, particularly comforting in case of a fall. The three SOS numbers is a personal choice, and can be programmed to a contact centre, care services, doctor, friends or family.
For people with hearing loss the call volume can be increased up to 40dB making it much louder than a regular phone with a very loud ring tone at 90dB. The volume boost button can be locked to remain at the chosen volume – saving time and effort of constantly increasing the volume up each time the phone is used. There is also a Tone control so the sound can adjusted to suit. It has flashing lights when calls are incoming and an input socket for the option of a vibrating pad, which can be placed under a pillow to will alert you of any night-time calls. The phone is also Hearing Aid Compatible to the industry “Preferred” level.
There is also a socket for use with amplified or regular headsets. The phone can also be used hands free with a speakerphone.
Supporting Independent Living – the amplicomms PowerTel 97
RRP £89.99 Available: www.m2cshop.com Tel: 0208 829 9130