colour logo (2)A website is an incredibly powerful tool to help your business. Increasingly consumers are using the internet to find the products and services they require, whether they want to buy online or find the right business to get these from.

David Standing is one of the founders of mybizadvisor and works with a number of businesses to help them to get to grips with the world of digital marketing.

David explained: “No matter how you sell your products or services, people are searching for what you offer online. You should be collecting data, receiving leads and making sales every day from your website. But the dilemma facing you, the business owner, is ‘What do you put on your site to make it effective?’

With this in mind, David and his colleagues at mybizadvisor are very kindly offering all TradePoint readers a free Website Health Check. Here they will check your website against their list of vital criteria every website needs to be successful. They will also run it through their special software which checks for spelling mistakes, SEO, load speed, social media, code, W3C, accessibility and more!

To sign up for your free Website Health Check visit and pop in your details!

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