dmukDMUK is very pleased to announce that Duncan Slater, an ex-serviceman from Scole in Norfolk, has joined the charity as its new External Affairs Manager.

In 2009 Duncan was on patrol in Afghanistan when the vehicle he was travelling in detonated an IED. The explosion caused him severe foot and leg injuries, which led to a double lower leg amputation. In 2012 he was medically discharged from the military.

Since then he has been part of an ex-servicemen expedition to the South Pole organised by the charity Walking with the Wounded in 2013 – accompanied by HRH Prince Harry. He also ran the London Marathon in 2015 and plans to complete the Marathon Des Sables in April 2016.

His role at DMUK will see him tackle very different challenges, by engaging with businesses, organisations and government to promote the mobility needs of disabled people. Duncan’s role will also include managing our Disabled Parking Award which is an accreditation for car parks to achieve so that their disabled customers will know it is suitable for their access needs. Duncan will also act a spokesperson for the charity.

Duncan Slater said: “My wife said to me last year, you got injured in 2009 and its now 2015, when are you going to grow up and get a job! So that’s where DMUK came in – the one thing I can say is that driving and riding motorcycles has given me enormous freedom and driving was the first thing I was able to do after I came out of hospital which made me feel alive again. I now know the huge benefits of being a Blue Badge Holder, and can honestly say that having a Blue Badge and car adaptations makes my life so much easier and gives me the same freedoms all motorists enjoy. I started to work for DMUK at the start of February and I would say it’s the final piece of the puzzle, as I feel I am contributing by working for a great charity and I feel that all the issues that DMUK fight for and help to shape and improve is exactly the work I want to be a part of. The charity is a really tight knit team which I’m already enjoying being a part of – it reminds me of a job I used to do before my life changed, a little bit, in 2009.”