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What are you most passionate about in your role at Blue Badge Company?

A company is only as strong as the team behind it and we have an amazing team that makes out products. Because of the way we manufacture, we can provide jobs and training for those with limited work options, like people who have domestic responsibilities or disabilities. One thing that has always driven me is the idea that business has a responsibility to be good for society and what I have discovered is that rewarding, sustainable jobs can change lives – I’ve seen it first hand and it’s the part of my company that I am most passionate about.

What can we expect to see from Blue Badge Company at Naidex National 2015?

We’ve had several years of success with our Blue Badge wallets and we’ve now just introduced this lovely range of wheat warmers so at Naidex we’re going to be launching a new range of practical and pretty lap trays and also some stylish glasses cases. We’ve also expanded our luxury leather collection that we launched earlier this year so you’ll see a few more luxury items from us.

What do you most look forward to at events such as Naidex?

I love meeting the customers. It’s just so nice to actually meet the people who buy our products. And also to meet the buyers – we met Boots there in 2013 and that absolutely transformed our business. The events give us the opportunity to launch new products, test new ideas and get feedback from those who will be buying and using them.

2014 was a very successful year for Blue Badge Company. How do you hope to top that in 2015?

In 2014 we invested significantly in building our brand awareness, which has increased our direct sales and driven sales for our retailers. 2015 is going to be a really exciting year as we announce new products and invest into growing the Blue Badge team in terms of people and infrastructure. Hopefully we will be making more sales and growing our business into different areas that we haven’t before, mainly the gift market.

When you are not busy working, how do you like to relax?

Setting up and running a business is really difficult and no-one should be under any illusions that it isn’t! So I do try to meditate at least once a day because it helps me feel organised and relaxed and capable of facing any challenges presented. I also like to relax with my dog Bodhi. He’s kind of the team mascot at Blue Badge Company. He’s an enormous Japanese Akita, he’s like a big bear, so walking him and going for runs with him is definitely something that I really enjoy.

Visit Blue Badge Company at Naidex National 2015. 

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