Blue Badge Style create prototype, universal glass holder for effortless independence for wheelchair users at parties and functions. 

“Design for people with disabilities can also be stylish,” says founder of Blue Badge Style, Fiona Jarvis.

In the first of a planned product range, Blue Badge Style has created a prototype, universal glass holder.

Fiona continues: “We want people to be effortlessly independent and that includes being able to wheel yourself around at parties and networking events without spilling your drink.”

The founder of UK’s first style guide for people with disabilities, Fiona wants to bring style to inclusive design. She first realised she might have MS when she kept falling off her high-heels in bars. Today Fiona glides through life in a wheelchair, but has found wheeling round parties with a drink a challenge.

Fiona says: “At a party or networking event you want to be able to get around easily and talk to everyone. But it’s impossible to hold your drink and wheel at the same time. I usually ask my carer to hold my glass, but I’d rather be effortlessly independent. So, we’ve come up with what we think is an elegant solution to this problem; DRINK!”

Blue Badge Style DRINK is a cool glass holder, which can hold a glass of any shape or size, from a beer bottle to a champagne flute, while leaving your hands free. It’s clever design has smart fixing so it can attach to practically anything; your wheelchair, a deck chair or even a garden table.

There’s more to follow at the end of the summer, but right now Blue Badge Style would like to know what you think. If you’re interested in hearing more, or have comments, please email