66713Wilcare Group launch accentu8 in new design-led era for the company

The Wilcare Group is entering into a bold new design-led era with the launch of their new brand, accentu8.

To mark the launch, accentu8 have unveiled six new rise and recline chairs in a choice of powered or manual operation; ‘arc’, ‘cloud9’, ‘haven’, ‘horizons’, ‘lotus’ and ‘mode’.

The new models are the work of furniture designer, Angela Gidden MBE, who joined parent company, the Wilcare Group, in 2013 as Consultant Creative Director, with the aim of introducing a design-led ethos to the company and its marketplace.

Angela said: “The thing that surprised me and frustrated me was that the sector in the main was incredibly dated, but also what really excited me was ‘wow’, what an opportunity for a company to really take that bold step in terms of the sector.”

Established in 2001, the Wilcare Group produces a wide range of powered rise & recline chairs for hospitals, care homes, mobility dealerships, charities and community equipment suppliers, from its Cowbridge factory.

Anthony Kiff, Managing Director said: “Angela has not only revolutionised our product range, she has introduced design-led thinking and practice throughout our company introducing new concepts to what we believe is a very traditional marketplace in design-terms.”

accentu8 also emphasises the ‘crafted with care’ aspect of its products, led by efficient and effective engineering in production, high attention to detail and quality of product, from the inside to the outside.

The new rise and recline chairs are available in a diverse range of fabrics from the brand’s collection, ‘cover & colour’ – Healthcare; Lifestyle 1 and Lifestyle 2. A key focus on Angela’s was also to make sure the chairs have an attractive 360 degree aspect.

66698Angela explained: “One of my biggest gripes was that with a lot of rise and recline chairs there was little consideration for how they look from the back. So we worked really hard on making sure that from an aesthetic point of view it looks just as beautiful from the back as it does from the front. A lot of these products, particularly these rise recline chairs they don’t sit against a wall, they are put in more of a freestanding space we one of the very first things I did was make sure that we paid as much attention to that as we did any other parts of the design.”

Throughout Angela’s career as a furniture designer, colour, texture and textiles have all been key considerations in her designs. The new accentu8 range is no different, without compromising on the functionality of the chair. As well as their modern look, the chairs have been designed with ease of assembly and disassembly in mind. Most models are available with a full range of functions and mechanisms, including rise and recline, recline only, rise only and tilt-in-space and bariatric.

The new accentu8 range was launched at Trade Days in October and since then the feedback from within the industry has been very positive.

“When we launched at Trade Days we had comments from a number of customers or visitors to the stand was that we’ve been waiting for something like this for years.”

Following the launch of the six new rise and recline chairs, the team are now working towards their next range of products set to launch in 2015.

Angela added: “In terms of what we do next we’re going to be innovating even further. And that’s really important because as a design led business you can’t afford to be complacent. We’re looking to continue to improve by design but also to innovate by design. We’ve already planned another two design programmes in 2015 so there’s going to be a lot more to come from accentu8.”

If you are interested in stocking the new accentu8 range email info@accentu8.net or call 01446 776 111.

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